The Alerion Institute

The Alerion Institute was founded in 2002 to develop perspectives, conduct research, and publish recommendations on innovation and creativity. Three areas of interest were given priority: scientific and biomedical research, the arts, and future of the learned professions, especially law and medicine. Alerion comprises an informal network of like-minded individuals, who approach similar questions from different but complementary perspectives. To date, individuals from several major universities and a variety of companies and other organizations have been involved in Alerion initiatives. Topics have included: the future of the major s ymphony orchestra, remedies to growing commercialization of the professions, and enhancement of the productivity of biomedical research.

Alerion Advisors, LLC

Alerion Advisors, LLC provides advisory services in strategy, organization, and governance to non-profi t organizations, especially major academic medical centers, foundations, and family trusts. In addition, Alerion Advisors provides on-going perspectives on topics of particular interest to individual clients, through long-term relationships. Unlike traditional consulting firms, Alerion has a network of very senior individuals, each having held positions in the private sector, government, and a major strategy consulting firm. Each has had both very senior operating responsibility and consulting experience, in an international organization. Information technology, finance, consumer products, health and medicine are currently represented. This approach allows Alerion to provide informed guidance and judgment about the question at hand, not solely information or analysis.

Neither the Alerion Institute nor Alerion Advisors has a relationship with any other entity.

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